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5 Gifts For Magic The Gathering Players Under $40

Buying gifts for Magic the Gathering players is hard enough when you play the game but it’s darn near impossible if you have no idea what the heck the game is all about. Fortunately for you, I DO play the game and I am here to bail you out with 5 pretty thoughtful gifts under $40 for the Magic the Gathering player in your life. Gifts that are totally okay to have multiples of and things just about every player will enjoy (feel free to link your wives, girlfriends, grandmothers, and Santa to this) 1. A Holiday Gift Box Even

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November Jamz

I am working on a companion piece to my Youtube videos and that is sharing music.  Of all the things in my life I am the most passionate about Music and for me, MTG and Music go together in an amazing way.  I am going to start with some of the music currently helping me through deck teching, and streaming here in November.

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