Buying gifts for Magic the Gathering players is hard enough when you play the game but it’s darn near impossible if you have no idea what the heck the game is all about. Fortunately for you, I DO play the game and I am here to bail you out with 5 pretty thoughtful gifts under $40 for the Magic the Gathering player in your life. Gifts that are totally okay to have multiples of and things just about every player will enjoy (feel free to link your wives, girlfriends, grandmothers, and Santa to this)51JISOdX7nL

1. A Holiday Gift Box
Even the most hardened competitive player still likes cracking packs here and there and just about every Magic player needs some place to store cards the Holiday Gift Boxes put out by Wizards fits the bill for both.

Includes: 5 BFZ booster packs, 20 BFZ basic lands (not full-art)
1 beautiful alternate art BFZ card, a great 2000 card-capacity storage box
6 illustrated dividers, 1 Sticker sheet for customizing the dividers

With a price of less than $25 on Amazon and being readily available at most big box stores like Walmart the Holiday Gift Box is a solid gift even if you are shopping at the last moment. You can buy one here!

2. Silver Boarder Holiday CardsrhTcbMYWtJ

This is something not a lot of Magic players even know exist. Each year Wizards of the coast releases these collectible cards around the Holiday. They are fun to collect and even retain a bit of value. If the player is a hardcore collector you may need to be sneaky and figure out if they have the one you would like to give or not but this shows you did some decent research and got them something unique. The only drawback here is that these cards can be difficult to find locally, you’ll have to call a few local game stores but you can usually find them. Worst case they are all available from various sellers on Amazon. You can buy em here!

2015: Goblin Sleigh Ride
2014: Mishra’s Toy Shop
2013: Stocking Tiger
2012: Naughty // Nice
2011: Yule Ooze
2010: Snow Mercy
2009: Season’s Beatings
2008: Evil Presents
2007: Gifts Given
2006: Fruitcake Elemental

3. 51YIxLNzIJLA Fat Pack


Probably my all-time favorite Magic The Gathering product. You get a great looking sturdy box to store your cards, 9 booster packs of whatever set corresponds, a player guide, and a collectible die. You get all this for just around $30. Beware some places are over charging for the latest set Battle For Zendikar due to some highly sought after lands. This still makes it a great gift but I wouldn’t pay anything over 35 or so for this. If you can’t find one from the newest set there are many other readily available at your local game store, big box stores, or here are a few on Amazon. (If you can’t find Battle For Zendikar, Origins is a great choice as many of the cards are really valuable right now and the fat pack price is still MSRP.)

You can buy one here!

4. A Gift Card

Yes I know this gift idea feels “lame” but let me lay something out for you. Playing Magic is expensive, very expensive. Some of today’s decks cost more than my first car did and many people struggle to compete in what is quickly becoming a pay to win type of game locally. If they are a Friday Night magic player a gift card to their local game store will help cover the weekly entry fees or certain cards they need for their deck. If they are a casual player like me, it will allow them to buy some sweet new packs of cards. If they don’t play at a local store, Walmart and Target both sell sealed magic cards and maybe put the gift card in a Magic The Gathering themed card to help spice it up.

5. Learn The Game!

If the gift is for someone you spend any considerable amount of time with wouldn’t be it amazing to spend some of that time playing the game they love? The game has amazing resources out there on the web and on Youtube on how to play. In fact, you could even buy a few packs and learn a game called “Pack Wars”, then for your gift get a few packs for yourself and battle it out!
Being a magic player can be somewhat isolating having someone else take interest in the game you love and get you a Magic inspired gift this holiday season is a great feeling. Having someone actually learn the game is even better!