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What is MTGHeadQuarters

MTGHQ is YOUR headquarters to catch up on all the latest Magic: the Gathering news.

  • Epic Openings

    Thinking about buying the latest Magic: the Gathering product but unsure? Come watch as HQ opens all the latest and greatest products and even some classic products from throughout the colorful history of MTG!

  • Pre Release Primer

    Get ready to play in the newest upcoming MTG events by watching as HQ dives into upcoming sets and gives you critical knowledge and insight into how to win. Even the most experienced players will find something useful.

  • Real Life Enchantments

    Want to know how to deck out your game? Watch as HQ opens up physical accessories to make your cards look great and help you in the process and then make your own decision of what to spend your money on!

  • MTGO Stream

    Want to hang out with HQ in a casual community environment? HQ streams regularly on Twitch and does everything from booster drafts to opening product live on camera.

More about HQ

Come join one of the fastest growing Magic the Gathering YouTube channels and be a part of the epic community

Active Community

Engage with other MTG fans and discuss the hottest products on the market and other game theories

Interactive Host

Your input is important to HQ and you help decide what products are opened and kind of content is published.

Learn Strategy

HQ streams a variety of games but also offers insight into how the cards work together for a successful deck. This is great for anyone starting out or just wanting to learn a little more about card synergy.

Latest Releases

On the fence about whether to purchase the newest products or not? Come join HQ as he opens all of the newest products and gives you insight into the products.

Vintage Openings

Watch as HQ dives into hard to find product and relive old memories or perhaps view them for the first time. Currently, HQ is working on opening one of every fat pack that was ever made.

Sweet Giveaways

HQ constantly offers contest that allow followers to win awesome prizes including booster boxes of the latest sets! Simply follow and keep an eye out for the next offer!

The Community

Why does MTGHeadQuarters even exist to begin with? HQ was created several years ago as a way to promote gaming content and has quickly became one of the most popular and fastest growing Magic the Gathering focuses channels on Youtube. With over 80,000 subscribers, you can expect that the community is always thriving and full of interactive and engaged fans.

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